Spiritual Gifts Survey

The Spiritual Gifts Survey consists of 80 statements. Some items reflect concrete actions; other items are descriptive traits; and still others are statements of belief.

  • Select the one response you feel best characterizes yourself and place that number in the blank provided.
  • Do not spend too much time on any one item. Remember, it is not a test. Usually your immediate response is best.
  • Do not ask others how they are answering or how they think you should answer.
  • Work at your own pace.

Your response choices are:

  1. Not at all characteristic of me/definitely untrue for me
  2. Occasionally characteristic of me/true for me–about 25 percent of the time
  3. Frequently characteristic of me/true for me–about 50 percent of the time
  4. Most of the time this would describe me/be true for me
  5. Highly characteristic of me/definitely true for me

Only enter numbers 1-5 for your answers.

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Leadership Total: 0
Administration Total: 0
Teaching Total: 0
Knowledge Total: 0
Wisdom Total: 0
Prophecy Total: 0
Discernment Total: 0
Exhortation Total: 0
Shepherding Total: 0
Faith Total: 0
Evangelism Total: 0
Apostleship Total: 0
Service Total: 0
Mercy Total: 0
Giving Total: 0
Hospitality Total: 0

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